old practice of farmers paying taxes. China's grain output rose four consecutive yea▓rs to reach 501.5 million tons in 2007. - Major progress was made in the reform of state-owned en▓terprises (SOEs), the financial system, fiscal and taxation systems, the system of foreign trade and economic cooperation, and the administrative system. China has entered a new stage in developing a more open economy. Total vol▓ume of imports and exports reached 2.17 tri

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llion dollars in 2007, raising China from the sixth largest trading nation in the world to ▓the third largest. - Good progress was made in efforts to make China more innovative, and a number of major scientific and technological innovations with international impact were made. Manned space flights and our first moon exploration ▓project were successfully carried out. - Free compulsory education was▓ made available to all rural students, ma


rking an important milestone ▓in the history of the development of education in China. The basic frameworks for a public health system and a system of basic medical services c▓overing both urban and rural areas have been put in place. - Steady improvement was made in the urban and rural system of public cultural services. Significant progress was made in reform of the cultural management system, and the development of cultural programs and cultur